Compliance auditing services

Since 1988 we have been assisting our clients with a wide range of compliance auditing services.

Companies put in place procedures, rules and policies for good reason. Unfortunately if compliance isn’t checked regularly, human nature often steps in and people start doing things their own way. Sometimes the implications aren’t that great but when non-compliance is concerning things like, cash, health & safety, availability and trading standards, the implications can be far reaching and potentially very costly.

Our compliance auditing services can be tailored to meet your specific needs and then regularly reviewed and changed to accommodate new requirements as businesses and markets develop and evolve. What follows are some examples of previous and ongoing projects.

Cash Checks

External cash checks can provide peace of mind that managers aren’t rolling their bankings or “borrowing” from the takings without authorisation. It can also identify where bankings aren’t being made on time. Late banking across a large network of retail stores can have a significant impact on working capital.

Experience has shown that a regime of random cash checks, keeps managers on their toes, gets money in the bank on time and reduces the likelihood of managers dipping their fingers in the till.

Picking Audits

We’ve undertaken several large picking auditing projects:

  • to check the accuracy of the pick team
  • auditing the performance of in-house picking audit teams
  • evaluation projects comparing the efficiency or manual pick versus voice pick

Although the basic scope of these projects is very straightforward, the projects themselves have been very varied and our services have been customised to meet the clients’ needs. We’re very efficient and accurate at collecting and analysing data – it’s what we do best

Delivery Checks

When stock is in transit there is always a risk of stockloss. Delivery check projects have always been a regular part of our business. We have checked deliveries at the good-in stage in retail stores and distribution warehouses alike. We’ve also checked deliveries in distribution warehouses that have been loaded awaiting dispatch and have done the same for clients with stock held in third party warehouses.

Stock can be checked by item or by case and variance reports immediately produced showing differences between what should be there and what actually is there. As with all our services, we are always happy to tailor this service to meet your needs.

Stock Integrity

Inaccurate system stock levels can only be a bad thing. Auto replenishment ordering systems cannot order correctly so the business will have too much stock of some lines and too little stock of others. The one certainty is that sales will be lost.

Perpetual inventory counts can be carried out in a number of different ways but the most important thing is that they are done regularly and accurately. We can provide the staff, equipment and systems to assist you with any perpetual inventory count requirements you might have. We’ll always be happy to discuss your needs.

Pricing, Point-of-Sale and Trading Standards Compliance

We’re all aware of the costly implications of getting in trouble with trading standards. We can assist with compliance auditing services in this but we can also offer barcode scanning and label printing solutions to help with this as well. Desktop and mobile printers are available and can print:

  • Product barcode labels
  • Shelf edge labels
  • Sale labels

The label printing options are endless. As for the printer options, these range from a desktop printer that prints out exactly what you type in, to a light mobile printer that communicates using Bluetooth with a barcode scanning hand held terminal. Our software can be tailored to make sure that labels are printed to your exact specifications and can only be printed using an up to date price file.

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