Welcome to Abacus Valuers Limited

We are leaders in the field of stocktaking services and stock control systems auditing, providing real business benefits to our clients.

Our services provide our clients with the opportunity to maximise their sales potential, which in turn improves cash-flow. In addition our clients are better informed to confidently forecast budgets and improve management through the effective monitoring of stock. Abacus Valuers aim to take the stress out of stocktaking and stock control by freeing up your staff's time to continue the day-to-day running of the business.

For over 25 years we have provided our clients with high quality, innovative stocktaking and stock auditing services. We operate throughout the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and are now expanding further into Europe. In particular we now have a working partnership established with an experienced German stocktaking and inventory company who operate across Germany and neighbouring Countries - Lauer Inventur Service (www.lauer-inventurservice.de).

Our Services

Abacus Valuers provide a wide range of stocktaking solutions to fit the needs of businesses of all size and in many different sectors. Our services include:

Our core values are the foundations of our business and define how we operate. We offer clients the highest levels of service based on:

  • A tailored and flexible approach to all our clients’ needs. Every business is different and we create a stocktaking service to suit every client. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and that we always deliver stocktaking services and reports to the highest standards.
  • Experienced, professional staff. We have a workforce of well trained and conscientious stocktaking staff. A large number have been with us for many years and are now in management and leadership positions. We never employ agency or casual staff.
  • The scale of our operation. We employ over 120 stocktakers in our network of 16 regional teams located throughout the UK. This means we operate in a prompt and cost effective manner.
  • High levels of accuracy. Our robust procedures and dedicated, fully trained stocktaking staff mean that all the information we collect is as accurate as possible. We use auditable systems that are exceptionally efficient and leave little room for errors.
  • The latest stocktaking barcode scanners and customised stocktaking software. We have invested significantly in developing our stocktaking software and hardware. This means our staff use the latest systems available, increasing efficiency and accuracy for the benefit of our clients.

We provide stocktaking services across a wide spectrum of business sectors - our clients include Volkswagen, Levi Strauss, Primark, Sky, EMI, Yankee Candle and Scottish Power to name but a few.

Our website explains more about how our services provide business benefits to our clients. If you would like to know more about how we work you can contact us via telephone or e-mail.

For more information on our sales of Barcode Scanners, Hand Held Terminals, Windows CE Software for Stocktaking and Label Printing solutions please visit www.fistralsoftware.com

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