News from Abacus Valuers

Welcome to our new quarterly Abacus Valuers newsletter. It contains information about some of our latest developments and initiatives which we hope will be of interest to you and, in turn, relevant to your business.

A comprehensive network of regional teams

We continue to develop our network of regional teams and now have sixteen teams located across the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

This expansion of our regional network means we are now able to service work promptly and efficiently across the whole of the UK and the Republic of Ireland, with over 150 stocktaking staff. As is always the case, all our staff are directly employed and trained by us and we do not use either casual or agency workers.

An expanding range of services and products

We now offer clients a wide range of stocktaking related services and products, encompassing full stocktakes, hybrid counts, compliance auditing (such as cash checks and delivery checks) and equipment hire. Further details of all of our services and products are available on our website -

Fistral Software

Building on our long standing experience of developing our own in house software, we are now selling bespoke hardware and software solutions that we have created, under the brand name of Fistral Software. Working with hardware suppliers such as Zebra, Opticon, Datalogic and Motorola, we are able to provide the most up to date barcode scanning, label printing and data collection packages.

We see real opportunities to develop this aspect of our business by selling hardware and software direct to clients. To find out more about our practical software and hardware solutions, either contact us or visit our Fistral website —

Strengthening our Management Team

To develop our business and improve the way we support our clients, we have made a number of changes to our management structure:

  • Andrew Biggs is now our Business Development Director dealing with new clients and new opportunities across the business.
  • Jack Tuyrrell becomes our Logistics Director responsible for scheduling work with clients, our procedures for carrying out work and liaison with clients as work takes place.
  • Kieren Quinn, our Central Southern Regional Manager, becomes our Business Development Manager supporting Andrew in developing new business opportunities. Kieren's regional team has now been merged with our central region team led by Ian Horner.
  • Steve Creed, our West Regional Manager, will continue in that role but will also now be helping develop and trial our new stocktaking software, as well as developing new ways of working across the company.
  • lastly, Richard Tuyrrell, our Managing Director, retains overall responsibility for the running and strategic development of the business he set up some 26 years ago.

We believe these changes will not only improve the overall effectiveness of our business as we move forward but also our capacity to respond to clients' needs even more effectively.

Abacus Valuers into Europe

We are increasingly working in mainland Europe, with a number of our clients expanding their operations in Europe and using our stocktaking services to support that expansion. Most recently we have undertaken stocktaking audits for one of our clients, Yankee Candle, across all their 30 plus sites in Italy, with further stocktakes planned later this year.

With help from the Government's export agency, we have also now established a working partnership with an experienced German stocktaking company, Lauer Inventur Service, who operate across Germany and neighbouring countries. Lauer worked with us in helping undertake some of the stocktakes for Yankee Candle mentioned above and we see real opportunities to further develop our working arrangements with Lauer in the future.

Abacus Valuers Website

We continue to develop our main website — — and, together with this newsletter, see it as an important means of providing up to date information on our range of services and new developments we are undertaking.

Abacus Valuers at the Shows

Earlier this year we exhibited for the second time at both the Retail Business Technology Expo at Earls Court and the National Convenience Show at Birmingham's NEC in order to showcase our activities to potential and existing clients from across the UK and beyond.

Planning an effective stocktake

Finally, here is our suggestion for a simple but effective means of getting the most from your stocktake. We firmly believe that a stocktake is not a task to be undertaken with an "us and them" mindset. We have found over the years that a combined effort beforehand on both sides with the preparation and planning of any stocktake leads to a more accurate and efficient result. So 5p is all that it takes to get it right: perfect preparation prevents poor performance!

Tell us what you think

We hope you have found this newsletter informative and of interest. We will be producing further issues each quarter to provide up to date information on our plans and developments. If you have any comments on this newsletter or would like further information on any of the subjects mentioned, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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