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Welcome to the latest issue of our newsletter which we hope will be of interest to you.

In this issue we focus on:

  • Our current work to recruit new additional staff across the company
  • Our plans to sell or hire our latest software and hardware technology
  • And finally we also report on our recent work in Italy for one of our major clients, Yankee Candle

Expanding Our Regional Teams

As part of the company's continuing development, we are recruiting and training a wide range of new people to supplement our existing staff in all of our Regional Teams. This will help us ensure that we are well placed to fully meet the future needs of our existing and new clients as we move forward.

Our plans involve us recruiting a combination of experienced Team Leaders able to lead our day to day work with clients, trainee Team Leaders, part time stocktakers and support stocktakers who can work for us as required. In all cases, new staff will undergo our rigorous induction and initial training programme and they will then be working in the first instance alongside our established and experienced staff.

Already our plans are bearing fruit with ten new staff having joined our South Coast team and new Team Leaders in both our North West and West regions, with more people being recruited in each of our other Regional Teams. We are delighted to welcome these new colleagues and look forward to more joining us in the coming weeks and months as our recruitment efforts come to fruition.

To find out more about our recruitment plans, please contact Andrew Biggs, our Business Development Director.

Fistral Software

We continue to develop our in house software capability and are increasingly selling or hiring bespoke hardware and software packages that we have created under the Fistral Software brand name for barcode scanning stocktaking, label printing and data collection solutions.

Most recently we are in the process of successfully completing two software projects.

Firstly for a major mother and baby retailer we have developed software to enable swift and efficient printing of shelf edge labels and promotional barcode price labels with great flexibility and ease of use. There are many options with our software including reduction labels and was/now pricing.

Secondly, we have worked with a well known furniture and soft furnishing retailer. This client had previously had label printing software from us but has now had additional software to enable them to carry out perpetual inventory counts. They can print stocktake location labels on their portable label printers, then count stock on their Hand Held Terminals and print audit trails on the same portable printers.

To find out more about Fistral Software and the software and hardware solutions we are able to offer, please contact Richard Tuyrrell our Managing Director.

Abacus Valuers In Italy

Earlier in the year (along with our German partners, Lauer Inventur Service) we undertook a programme of stocktakes for one of our clients, Yankee Candle, at their various locations in Italy.

Recently Yankee Candle acquired an Italian company, Millefiori Milano home fragrances, and asked us to undertake a stocktaking review of all the Millefiori locations, along with stocktakes of their existing Yankee Candle stores – a total of some 80 sites in all. Staff from a number of our Regional Teams recently undertook this work over a three week period at locations across the whole of Italy. This work provided us with a number of important lessons about operating in mainland Europe and we are keen to build on this experience by exploring further opportunities in different European countries.

To find out more about our plans for further work across Europe and beyond, please contact Andrew Biggs, our Business Development Director.

We hope you have found this newsletter of interest. If you would like further information on any of the subjects mentioned, or any other aspect of our work, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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