News from Abacus Valuers

Welcome to the latest issue of our newsletter which we hope will be of interest to you.

In this issue we focus on:

  • Some recent changes to our management structure
  • Our continuing efforts to improve the efficiency of the business and the quality of the services we provide to our clients
  • A number of charitable efforts and achievements by members of our staff

Changes to our management structure

With the continuing development of our regional teams, we have recently made a number of changes to our management structure to improve the way in which we operate and continue to provide a high quality service for our clients.

In particular, Kieren Quinn and Darren Barker are now undertaking key roles across the business as Divisional Managers. Kieren is responsible for our regional teams in the South, Central and South West of England; whilst Darren is responsible for our regional teams in Scotland, Ireland, the North, North West, West Midlands and East Coast of England.

In addition, we have recently appointed Mike Carey to the role of Business Development Coordinator with responsibility for developing and coordinating new business opportunities across the business. Mike is a long established and experienced member of our South East regional team.

Jack Tuyrrell remains Logistics Director responsible for the planning, scheduling and oversight of our work for clients, as well as our Head Office functions. Richard Tuyrrell continues as the company’s Managing Director with overall responsibility for the operation and development of our business as a whole.

Improving the efficiency of our business

We continue to invest in developing the capability and efficiency of our business and have recently strengthened our programming team with new staff in order to enhance our software systems and processes. Our programming team now comprises Luke May, Michael Trickett and Chris Stanyon.

Our programming team will continue to develop our state of the art stocktaking bar-code scanners and customised software, as well as developing our in house systems and procedures in order to improve our overall efficiency.

In particular, we are currently developing new payroll systems and improved scheduling software which will be introduced shortly. This will be followed this Autumn by new software for our hand-held bar-code scanners and improved stocktaking software for our laptops, plus a new, improved Head Office network and central database.

Some charitable achievements by our staff

We have a longstanding policy of continuing to support Cancer Research UK, which is a charity close to our hearts as a company, as well supporting the work of a South West Children’s Hospice.

We are therefore delighted to highlight the recent efforts of some of our staff in raising donations for a number of very important charities.

In Summer 2016 Gill Horner, our Business Support Manager, took part in Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life raising over £600 for her efforts. In this and previous years her efforts have raised a total of £3,200 for the charity.

Also in Summer 2016, David Morrison, our Assistant Divisional Operations Manager, undertook a grueling 120 mile bike ride to raise money for the children’s cancer ward at Newcastle Royal Infirmary, a cause he has supported for a number of years. In doing so, he raised some £380. Despite the agonies, David will be doing it all again in 2017!

And in 2015, Steve Kelly, our Regional Manager Ireland, took part in a seven day trek in Transylvania to raise funds for Marie Curie which resulted in him and his partner raising over £6,000 for the work of the Marie Curie organisation.

We are incredibly proud of all their efforts and wish to thank all those colleagues and friends who supported Gill, David and Steve in their tremendous fund raising achievements.

We hope you have found this newsletter of interest. If you would like further information on any of the subjects mentioned, or any other aspect of our work, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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