Hand Held Terminals and Windows CE Stocktaking Software

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Whether you call them stocktake scanners, hand held terminals, HHTs or stocktake guns, we’ve been using them for more years than we’d care to remember. Around 10 years ago we started writing our own software.

Things have changed significantly over the years and stocktake scanners have become far more sophisticated as has our stocktaking software.

In reality, the latest generation are small Windows PCs with barcode scanners on them. They have far larger sized memory than their predecessors and far greater functionality and potential.

As you would expect we use these barcode scanners primarily for stocktaking and have developed our own Windows CE stocktaking software which does the job exceptionally well. We’ve been able to use all the experience gained over a great many years to develop exactly what we need and our software is:

Easy to use
screens are clean, self explanatory and easy to navigate
data is backed up continually and in the unlikely event of a problem, data is very easy to retrieve
barcodes are scanned quickly and certain special features significantly increase productivity without compromising accuracy
Tried and tested
used on thousands of stocktakes every year
Windows CE

Our Windows CE stocktaking software has come to form the basis for software we’ve created for clients for a number of uses where barcodes are scanned and quantities recorded:

  • Delivery checks
  • Goods inwards
  • Goods returns
  • Inter store transfers
  • Price checking
  • Replenishment checks
  • Picking checks

Systems can be created to be as simple or complex as necessary. Data files can be sent and received by docking the hand held terminal in a cradle or by sending them by wireless or Bluetooth

Label Printing

  • Product barcode label printing
  • Sale/promotion was/now labels
  • Shelf edge label printing

This can be accomplished by linking an HHT with a desktop or mobile Bluetooth printer. The mobile solution works especially well for shelf edge labels or situations where product needs labelling in situ on the salesfloor.

The desktop label printing option is more suited to goods-in or warehouse situations where high volume printing is required.

As far as label types, sizes, colours and artwork, the possibilities are endless.


We have created Windows CE software for a variety of barcode scanning HHTs for different manufacturers in daily use in high street stores throughout The UK.

Stocktake Manager Software

To complete the stocktaking package, Stocktake Manager is installed on a PC or laptop. Features include:

  • stocktake count data files are received, backed up and consolidated
  • range of reports available to help monitor and manage a stocktake
  • validating the count data and create final stocktake reports

For more information please feel free to contact us at any time or visit our HHT, Software and Label Printing website, www.fistralsoftware.com

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