Retail Stocktaking

What follows is a sample of the retail stocktaking services we provide. If you can’t find what you’re looking for please contact us; we’re sure we’ll be able to provide you with a suitable stocktaking solution.

Retail stocktakes, barcode scanning stocktaking services and stocktake valuations.

Since being established in 1988, we have carried out over 100,000 stocktakes and stock audits. Whatever your type of business, whether you are looking for ongoing stocktaking services or a one-off stocktake or stock audit we have the experience, systems and conscientious trained staff to provide you with a top quality yet affordable service.

Stocktakes can take various forms; barcode scanning, valuation or inventory. We’ll always be very happy to assist and provide a service that will more that meet your requirements and exceed your expectations

Clothing, fashion and footwear stocktaking services

We know that clothing stocktakes are unique due to the fact that every garment has its own specific barcode to allow for different sizes and colours. Because of this, our approach to counting the stock is tailor-made and involves scanning the barcode on every item.

Our state-of-the-art barcode scanners and super efficient stocktaking software have been tried and tested during tens of thousands of clothing retail stocktakes for some of The World’s largest multiple retail chains as well as local independent and designer outlets throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Efficiency, accuracy and reliability are always assured.

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Cosmetics stocktakes

We are proud to work with some of the world’s most renowned cosmetics retailers and have a great deal of experience in this field. At Abacus Valuers, we know that cosmetic stocktakes are all about the detail.

Our staff pride themselves on working meticulously when counting items that can look similar but are actually different products from the same range, or the same item in different colours/shades. At the end of the stocktake, our clients are provided with a selection of reports that are easy to understand and interpret, enabling swift action if required.

Motorway service area stocktaking services

We have considerable experience in dealing with this type of stocktake and stock audit. We have perfected methods to run such projects where other companies often fail due to the diversity of stock when dealing with a mixed retail and catering operation.

Most motorway service areas contain multiple outlets. A great deal of communication and preparation goes into planning these stocktakes, to ensure that everybody knows what is going to happen, what preparations they need to make and what results they will receive.

Garage forecourt stocktakes

Having completed many thousands of these over the years we are well aware of the right and wrong approaches to stocktaking a garage forecourt. Peak trading periods must be avoided to prevent any disruption to trade and a carefully considered plan is always agreed.

With many deliveries potentially arriving, accurate cut-off information is captured to ensure that accounting figures are always accurate.

We have experience of undertaking forecourt fuel reconciliations and are well aware of the associated environmental and health and safety implications.

CTN, newsagent and convenience store stocktaking services – multiple retailers and independents

We have substantial experience in stocktaking for this particular market sector, and we have worked for national chains including Spar, Southern Co-op, Alldays, and The Co-op. We know that convenience and CTN stocktakes are unique in their own right, due to the fact that there is such a diversity of stock.

We can use our own barcode scanners, or yours. We also carry a stock of Piccolink scanners which are compatible with many Spar systems. We can also carry out a manual valuation for business transfer of annual stocktake purposes. We pride ourselves on providing accurate, reliable and honest information to support the business transfer process.

Licensed trade and catering stocktakes and valuations

We provide licensed trade stocktaking services for pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants based all over the UK and Ireland - and have worked on large projects for multiple clients as well as independent businesses.

We pride ourselves on carrying out these stocktakes accurately and efficiently and the advice we give can often have far reaching implications. We have saved our clients money in many ways from tightening portion control to claiming all tax deductable outgoings. Some clients’ tax bills have been reduced significantly.

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