Stocktakers to warehouse and distributions businesses

We offer warehouse stocktaking services that are ideal for businesses where stock is stored in bin locations and where reporting and variances by bin location and item are required. We have used a version of this system to great effect with VW TPS since 2006.

What can I get from an Abacus Valuers Warehouse Stocktake?

Your stock is counted using our standalone stocktaking system, which utilises barcode scanners and laptops. Stocktake data can be collected by scanning barcodes or by manual data entry. Stock is counted by bin location and as the stocktake is being undertaken variance reports by item and bin are immediately available.

At the end of the stocktake, reports can be created as follows:

  • Stockbook by bin location by item
  • Stockbook by item

Additionally bin location variance reports are available by item for:

  • The entire stocktake
  • Ranges of bin locations

What’s needed to make this possible?

You will need to provide files containing the following information

Bin Locations
A list of the bin locations to be audited in the order in which they will be counted. E.g. In logical sequence from the start of each aisle through to the end. This makes your variance reports by product and bin easy to follow. You must include empty and currently unused bin locations. We will be able to confirm that they are indeed empty and that stock hasn’t inadvertently been put in the wrong bin. This file must be made available to us at least a couple of days prior to your stocktake. Without it we won’t be able to produce you your variance reports by bin
Product Information
All products on your system. The minimum info is barcode/product code and description. If you want reports by value then you must include prices. This file must be made available to us at least a couple of days prior to your stocktake.
Current Stock Levels
Stock levels by item and bin location. This must be created once stock movements have ceased immediately before the start of the stocktake. This information will be used to create your bin and item variance reports.

We will require sample files well in advance of your stocktake for testing purposes. This testing is crucial and we always visit every client before a stocktake to complete full end-to-end testing including the creation of sample reports from your data.

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