Why Choose Abacus Valuers?

Regular accurate stocktakes are an important and necessary function of any business that carries stock but with everything else going on, how can you find time to do your stocktake?

At Abacus Valuers we take the stress out of stocktaking and free up your managers and staff to continue with the day-to-day running of your business.

There are many advantages to an Abacus Valuers stocktake. Our systems are reliable, efficient, easy to use, fully auditable and swiftly produce clear, accurate, user-friendly reports that clients can trust.

Our staff are well trained, motivated and enjoy doing stocktakes. They fully understand the importance of accuracy. All our staff are directly employed by us and we never use agency, casual or self-employed staff

Accurate stocktakes enable a business to:

  • Maintain excellent availability
  • Maximise sales potential
  • Avoid overstocking, thereby improving cash-flow
  • Forecast and budget with confidence
  • Swiftly identify areas of stock loss
  • Produce accurate profit and loss accounts

Trust is a key element to stocktaking and at Abacus Valuers, we pride ourselves on this factor. Our clients can rest assured that all information we collect will be as accurate as possible and will remain confidential at all times.

When carrying out a stocktake or stock audit project, we:

  • Cause minimum disruption to our clients, their customers and staff
  • Allow businesses to trade around the stocktake as normally as possible
  • Carry out all work to clients' specific requirements and guidelines
  • Use auditable systems that are exceptionally efficient and leave little room for errors (so we don’t miss stock, count it twice, or make other user errors that frequently occur with sub-standard service providers)
  • Count every single item of stock - our staff always count and never guess

Excellent customer service is what drives our business and is something in which we take great pride. Clients frequently tell us how much better our staff are then our competitors.

If you’d like to see the difference that our services can make to your business then please get in touch. We’ll be more than happy to give you a no obligation demonstration and under certain circumstances free trial stocktakes are available.

A few of our Clients